Personalized Tactics

Personalization is proven to lift results and targeting lit building prospects enabled us to personalize our efforts and develop tactics designed to increase penetration among the Altice fiber-lit building network.

  • Geo-Targeted Email Campaign and Landing Page
  • Personalized Direct Mail Card and Dimensional OE
  • Lit-Building Locator Application/Sales Support Tool

Referral Rewards

Customers acquired by referrals have a higher retention rate and Altice’s relationships with current customers within their lit buildings provided an opportunity generate qualified leads and reward loyal customers for their referrals while strengthening relationships.

  • Personalized Direct Mail Postcard
  • Referral Partner Registration Landing Page
  • Partner Referrals Program Submission Portal

Sales Support

B2B buyers expect sales representatives to personalize interactions based on information from their online activities. Our variable templates and marketing-curated content provided sales reps with the support materials and the tools to effectively nurture contacts.

  • Engage Template Sent By Rep and Tracked Through Salesforce
  • Lit-Building Advantages Infographic Marketing Content
  • Personalized Collateral Template with Variable Fields

Bloom is all about value and attention to detail. They always prove to be a valuable asset.

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