Expanding Efforts to Increase ROI

A single tactic may be the ask, but it will never deliver the ROI that a multi-channel approach can achieve.

According to the ARF, brands can increase ROI by up to 19% simply by expanding a campaign to a second media platform. Then each additional platform further improves ROI with a five-channel campaign outperforming a single-channel campaign by 35%. By turning that single tactic into a strategic initiative supported by a campaign designed to target specific audiences, over multiple channels like display, mobile, social and video marketing simultaneously, all working together we can help you increase visibility, improve recognition and see better returns.

Want to Get More from Marketing Efforts

Optimizing Tactics to Work Harder 

We are an industry smitten by buzz words, so when say marketing optimization, what we really mean is the many ways we can measure and improve upon strategic approaches and tactical performance. By applying even a few best practices across your marketing channels, you too can optimize your efforts and see even better returns.

Informing Efforts to Achieve Better Results

Informing Efforts to Achieve Better Results

Business owners are increasingly learning the importance of letting data-driven insights help guide their efforts.

But to make those efforts sustain real results, determining a true ROI with integrated analytical tools provides the clarity needed to diagnose deficiencies and to improve tactics and strategies for overall brand growth.
As Forbes reports the advantages of data-driven marketing are increased customer loyalty (47%), gaining new customers (43%), and customer satisfaction/retention (42%).

Partnering To Guarantee Quality and Value

Partnering To Guarantee Quality and Value

There are a number of considerations when choosing the right marketing partner. With Bloom, quality work is always a priority and something our clients count on. But just as important may be the value we provide. While you will find our á la carte fees are very reasonable and our willingness to work with your budget welcoming, our package pricing may help your budget go even further.


But why consider a retainer over per-project pricing?
As a marketer, you may look at a retainer as a way to save money, but we can actually use it to dedicate the very best resources to your needs, and an appropriately staffed retainer has three critical benefits: quality work, faster turn around and a great value for everyone.

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